Sir Victor Atolagbe: A Leading Expert in Nigeria’s Digital Economy

Sir Victor Atolagbe, Principal Consultant at Enverge Limited and a pioneering figure in Nigeria’s Interconnect Clearing House Industry, was recently recognized by ITedge new africa as one of the 50 most valuable personalities in Nigeria’s Digital Economy.


Telecommunications Specialist and Business Process Management Expert

With over two decades of experience in the telecommunications industry, Sir Victor Atolagbe is a seasoned expert in Business Process Management. His career has been marked by his ability to steward technical activities, develop technological strategies aligned with business goals, and leverage new technologies to enhance business profitability. Currently, he also serves as the Chief Technical Officer of one of the leading clearing house in Nigeria and is the Principal Consultant for several other Interconnect Exchange Licensees.


Educational Background and Certifications

Sir Victor Atolagbe is an alumnus of Federal Polytechnic Bida and the National Open University of Nigeria. He holds numerous certifications in Advanced Business Analysis and IT Management, including Building Information Systems. His expertise lies in evaluating technological performance and implementing best practice solutions for continuous improvement. He is adept at building and maintaining healthy stakeholder relationships and is open to ICT job opportunities.


Achievements at Enverge Limited

At Enverge Limited, Sir Victor Atolagbe has demonstrated exceptional skill in managing operations, designing, testing, and successfully implementing projects within budget, scope, and timelines. He supervises technical staff responsible for the operations of voice and data networks, ensuring top-notch performance and reliability.


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